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A quick but detailed guide to signing in to InstaForex

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Offering favorable trading conditions to traders, InstaForex is also easy to use. Once you get to know the simple process of logging in, as what we will discuss in this brief article, you can quickly proceed to opening and selling financial assets and managing your portfolio.

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What Are the Types of InstaForex Logins?


InstaForex currently has two types of account login system. These are:

  1. Client Login
  2. Partner Login
InstaForex login page
InstaForex login page

How Different Is the Client Login from the Partner Login?


The Client Login has these following features:

The Partner Login has these features:

How to Login to InstaForex?

Steps to Log In

Before you can login to InstaForex, you need to create your own InstaForex Trading account.

The first step in creating your account is to tick the box stating you agree with the terms of Agreement and confirming that you are over 18 years old.

Afterward, you need to fill up your Full Name, Email, Phone Number and Country of Residence. Click "Open an Account".

A confirmation code will be sent to your email. Click the link on that email for you to be directed to another page where you can enter the code.

A password will be sent back to your email. Take note that the login and password details is only valid for use on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. You can then choose to open other trading accounts for other financial transactions by clicking "Open another trading account".

Process of Opening a Live Account for Trading

Creating Login

To explain it simply, the process of opening a live trading account on InstaForex consists of these easy steps:

  1. Accepting the Terms of Agreement
  2. Filling out a registration form
  3. Making a deposit on your account (minimum deposit is only $1).
  4. Installing or accessing the trading platform (trading platforms available are: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Multiterminal, WebTrader and InstaTick Trader).

Where to Login for the Client Area?

Client Area Login

Make sure your browser is directed to this address:

On this page, you will see an "Authorization Form" where you can enter your login username and password.

After logging in, you will be directed to the Client Area where you can withdraw and deposit funds to your trading account in InstaForex and enjoy its many features.

Where to Login for the Partner Area?

Partner Area Login

When logging in to your Partner or Affiliate Account on InstaForex, make sure your browser's address bar is directed to

On this page, you may enter your login username and password.

Is a Demo Account Available on InstaForex?

Demo Account

Yes. After creating your trading account and logging in, you can have the option to open a "Demo Account" where you can practice trading Forex before you trade with your real money.

What Are the Different InstaForex Accounts One Can Login To?

Account Types

InstaForex has four different types of accounts users can choose to login to. These are the following:

Now that you know more about the InstaForex login, it's time to have your own. Open an account in just minutes!