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InstaForex gives its customers several bonus options. These bonuses differs in amounts, has separate conditions for earning and withdrawal and have its own unique use in live trading. One thing for sure though, any earnings made from the use of the bonuses in various trades, can all be withdrawn.

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In this brief article, we will discuss the different kinds of bonuses InstaForex is offering to its customers.

How Much Welcome Bonus Does InstaForex Give?

Welcome Bonus

InstaForex gifts customers with a 30% "Welcome Bonus" from their initial deposit. This is then credited to their trading account. To obtain this welcome bonus, the trader would have to register a Live Trading Account and fill up all required details from an online application form.

How to Get the InstaForex Bonus?

Steps to Claim

Follow these simple steps to get your InstaForex Bonus:

  1. Register for a live trading account.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Apply for a bonus.
  4. Receive your 30% (of your deposit make) Welcome Bonus.

Can I Withdraw My InstaForex Bonus?


Not right away. You can't withdraw the Club Bonus until you carry out volumes of Buy / Sell trades to equal X*3 InstaForex lots, wherein X is the total amount of credited InstaForex bonus.

How to Withdraw InstaForex Bonus of $500?

$500 Bonus Withdrawal

An InstaForex partner can withdraw the $500 bonus only after the BUY or SELL trades are completed and reached a volume of X*3 InstaForex lots, wherein X is the total number of received bonuses.

Is the InstaForex Bonus Limited to 30%?


Not all the time. InstaForex gives its customers with a chance to increase their bonus from their trading deposits. A trader can up their standard 30% bonus to 40% when they join the exclusive InstaForex Club.

What Is the 100% Deposit Bonus?

100% Deposit Bonus

The 100% bonus is given to InstaForex traders when they open and top up their live trading account following the filling up of an online application form. This bonus is given to deposits of up to $2,000. The trader can't withdraw the bonus. However, the trader can withdraw any amount profited from the investment that the 100% bonus was used on.

What Are the Different Bonus Packages of InstaForex?

Bonus Packages

Here is a list of the different InstaForex Bonuses:

Take note: All these bonuses are available for traders holding multiple accounts, but are not available for options trading.

Now that you know all the available bonuses that they offer, it's time to sign-up for an account!